Avis POS GUI System

Overview: I lead the visual design for the Point of Sale GUI System for Avis locations across the country. The aim of the project was to simplify the POS system to make it easier for new users to navigate, and to make the interactions faster and more streamlined for seasoned agents.


We overhauled the navigation and introduced a distinct tab design so that the agent could clearly identify what screen they have opened. The design also needed to be easily modified so that the system could be used for Budget & Payless Rental locations. Other team members created detailed wireframes with notes on the functionality. I created the design.

Sub Navigation

The sub navigation for the system was very complex. It had different views for each section of the system. The sub nav had to be simple enough to incorporate each view and still include all the different field variables like, button drop-downs, a search field, primary, secondary, and default buttons, calendar drop-downs, and icons. As you can see in this view I added in a calendar dropdown not in the wireframes to give the user a clear and easy way to select a date.

Main Content Area - Check Out Section

The main content area was a bit of a challenge to design. All of the sections inside the tab section were in accordions that contained scrolling content areas. The old system used a gray on gray color scheme which made it difficult for agents to identify which field they had selected. The fields were not organized in a logical flow. I increased their color contrast and reordered the them into a natural flow for better visual comprehension.

Variable Upsell

Variable Upsell was a function inside the Avis GUI system to upgrade customers to a higher car class. The old implementation was a major pain point for Avis agents. Using it required a complicated process of closing windows, opening windows, and then reopening previously closed windows all just to add an upgraded car to the reservation. The team proposed a streamlined version of the variable upsell where the agent can add a new vehicle. The design needed to include multiple tables and input table headers for filtering as you can see above. I made sure that the type was easy to read with plenty of breathing room and high contrast visuals to show when users have selected specific items.

This was an incredible project. I really enjoyed applying sound design and UX principles to reduced various pain points and create a much cleaner and intuitive experience. The examples above are only a few of the major changes we made across the system. We completely introduced a new visual language and created a style guide for additions.