Budget Mobile App Redesign

Overview: My team and I were tasked by Avis Budget Group to redesign the Customer Profile page in the Budget mobile app to include additional personalization and the ability to view past, present, and upcoming reservations.


The client provided a few conceptual wireframes to demonstrate a the general user flow. While these wires were beneficial in defining the client’s objectives, we created a complete set of detailed wireframes to define the actual experience and cover all the use cases.

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Comp Stage

I worked with the client through several design options to find the right balance of content and function without degrading the design and user experience. One of my main goals was to simplify the profile screens to make them more welcoming and less obtrusive. You can see some of this progress through the versions shown above.

The client was happy, but I thought adding in some more personalization to the app would engage the user more. So, I added a personalized photo into the header image and presented it to the client. They loved it and it went to production.

All of this culminated into the final product…

Final Product

The final app design of the Budget Customer Profile App pages.