Payless Car Rental Site Redesign

Overview: I directed and created new branding standards for Payless Car Rental as part of a conversion optimization project.

Their Old Site

The web site had a dated design language which resembled sites from the early 2000's. Our job was to bring their site into a modern web design language and improve their overall conversion rates.


The team created wireframes with a complete layout change. We placed an emphasis on a new reservation widget on the home screen that was both larger and more granular than what was on the old site. We introduced bigger imagery and promoted savings for the customer. We simplified the navigation and cleared away the visual clutter to focus on the most important aspects of the rental car customer’s experience. While I gave input on the wireframes and UX, my main contribution was to the design phase of the project.

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Comp Stage

We explored different design options and worked with the client through several rounds of revisions. The main challenges were to perfect the new home page widget, and create an overall design scheme that met the objectives to modernize the site but could still use photography assets on hand with the client. In many ways these challenges helped drive us toward a very clean, elegant, and functional solution.

The finished site redesign…

Final Product

I’m really pleased with the final design (and so was the client). The example above focuses on the homepage but the project was a complete redesign of the site. Click the button below to see the full site.