Star Trek Responsive Redesign

Overview: My UX lead and I worked on bringing the existing into the future with a new mobile design and transforming the dated desktop version into a fully responsive website.


My UX lead and I did comprehensive research on the various pages of the desktop verison of the Star Trek webiste. From there we went through the main desktop pages and began making detailed mobile responsive wireframes of those screens. We worked on templates primarily to help the development processs and collapsing of the sections was consistent.



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Template Stage

With the wireframes completed, we moved on to template creation using Photoshop to flesh out the wires into more production ready mockups to show the client. My UX lead and I went through some different ideas for how the navigation should function and different views for article blocks as well. We settled on two options to show the client in our final presentation deck.

All of this culminated into the final product…

Final Product

The final responsive design of